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Washington Post Crossword Answers September 21 2019

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  • Prepared for a shot
  • It dropped “Western” from its name in 1997
  • By design
  • Basic
  • Come to one’s senses
  • Not level
  • Department store section
  • Pacific resort, popularly
  • Some years ago
  • Like
  • Westernmost African capital
  • Hardly Mr. Cool
  • Commonly crumbled fare
  • Word on Italian street signs
  • Competition involving pictures
  • Hometown folks
  • Portmanteau coin
  • Longtime Warner Bros. output
  • __ player
  • Calm
  • Legendary Asian
  • “War on Peace” author __ Farrow
  • Network for cinema lovers
  • Homecoming figure
  • Headline
  • Pinky __
  • Completely lost
  • Waiting line
  • Imply
  • Some of Nixon’s Plumbers, formerly
  • Simpson of fashion
  • “Aha!”
  • Puccini 3-Down
  • Magic star of the ’90s
  • See 1-Down
  • Member of an Iraqi minority
  • “Wonder Woman” (2017) villain
  • Microbrew option
  • Asti wine grape
  • Pampering place
  • Brown on the Food Network
  • Ring centerpiece
  • Cause of many ’70s lines
  • Come before
  • Really absorb
  • With all judges present, as at a Circuit Court
  • Lower-calorie cookie since 2015
  • Hardly Hollywood’s most wanted
  • Filter target
  • World record?
  • High-and-mighty sort
  • Exchanged for an equivalent
  • Pucker inducer
  • Revolutionary-era loyalist
  • Super Bowl LI performer
  • Hot
  • View from Anchorage
  • Warn, watchdog-style
  • Utopian
  • Many Beliebers
  • Cuban hero José
  • Peak
  • Dreamcast maker
  • Sharpen
  • Had
  • “What a terrible idea!”