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Washington Post Crossword Answers January 18 2020

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  • Indian anna, e.g.
  • Baked potato topping
  • Billy the Kid preceder?
  • It’s tossed into a pot
  • Play with Freudian implications
  • Result of spilling the beans
  • Freudian component of 15-Across
  • Catering preparation
  • Whale fare
  • Jam-packed
  • 1989-’90 Broadway one-man show
  • Gift-wrapping occasions
  • Arm of the sea
  • Serial standout
  • Short rules?
  • Enjoyed a parlor game
  • Stumble
  • Market research pioneer
  • Suitable for family viewing
  • Actress who voiced Duchess in “The Aristocats”
  • Cry over spilt milk?
  • Contemporary of le CarrĂ©
  • Movie character who might say 3-Down
  • Facebook nudge
  • Texting nicety
  • Finalized, with “up”
  • Join the cast of
  • Propaganda tactics
  • It’s usually stuffed on planes
  • Suspicious of
  • Garden support
  • Storm preceder, at times
  • “I kissed thee __ I killed thee”: Othello
  • Govt. savings vehicles discontinued in 1980
  • “Red Balloon” painter
  • Hand warmer only used outdoors
  • Little crack
  • “No clue”
  • Settles softly
  • Managed to get by
  • German title
  • Forest’s Oscar role
  • Drive
  • Acid Rain Program org.
  • Have a pouty face
  • Carousel location
  • Seeker of turkeys in alleys?
  • Eponymous jumps
  • Gonna
  • Hanoi holiday
  • Hobbyist’s organizer
  • Fingers
  • __ deck
  • Scabbard
  • Dad bud, often
  • Tourist attraction
  • Badger or hound
  • “Punch buggy” in a car trip game
  • Full of joy
  • “25 Words or Less” host Meredith
  • Wells predator
  • Who on TV, with “the”
  • Turn sharply
  • It holds things together
  • Ticket prices?
  • Archibald of the NBA
  • Cowboys’ city, familiarly
  • Lump
  • Green opening
  • Taboo