Washington Post February 20 2021 Crossword Answers

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Washington Post Crossword Answers February 20 2021

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  • “Can’t someone else?”
  • Floor
  • Mozart’s mother
  • Dressing extreme?
  • Comebacks
  • See 43-Across
  • Set to assemble
  • Best Actress between Hilary and Helen
  • Franklin’s bill
  • Inferior
  • Unwanted information, usually
  • Small sewing case
  • Cantore in a storm
  • Member of the first class of World Golf Hall of Fame inductees, 1974
  • Retreated
  • “VoilĂ !”
  • Expression of mock sympathy
  • Involuntary contraction
  • Genre full of 18-Across
  • Part of un drame
  • Forms a union?
  • More than just talk
  • Single out
  • Appear by surprise
  • Ring site
  • Rushed toward
  • “Either or”
  • Rough
  • “… quaint and curious volume of __ lore”: Poe
  • Really excited
  • Democracy concern
  • Limited-access Internet area
  • The least bit
  • Show how
  • “Our __ is loss, our hope but sad despair”: “Henry VI, Part III”
  • Subject of Dante’s “La Vita Nuova”
  • Weather __
  • Gaelic tongue
  • Plastic bag accessories
  • Hot spots’ hot spots?
  • Amazon threats
  • Mouse first voiced by Walt Disney
  • Namibia neighbor
  • Prepped, as peels
  • Perfume compound
  • Follower of Nanak
  • Unreal
  • Fed chair Powell
  • Graphic intro?
  • “I’ll get back to you”
  • Vacationer’s need, maybe
  • Good earth
  • One may be heard on safari
  • Get out of hand in a hurry
  • Dresses
  • Becomes more complicated
  • Word on a Monopoly corner square
  • Asset protection plan, briefly
  • Place to play
  • Branded wares, informally
  • Spruce (up)
  • Triumphant
  • Wrinkled-nose cause
  • Study intently, with “over”
  • “Picnic” Pulitzer Prize winner
  • NBA position
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