Washington Post February 21 2020 Crossword Answers

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Washington Post Crossword Answers February 21 2020

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  • “… morning roses newly wash’d with __”: Petruchio
  • Jacket stories
  • Caused trepidation
  • Phoenix-to-Albuquerque dir.
  • O’Neill’s daughter
  • “Happy Days” diner namesake
  • Networking technology
  • Jalopy sound
  • Offering in shellfish worship?
  • Mississippi sight
  • Storage furniture
  • “__-haw!”
  • Expanse
  • Word often preceded by a leader’s name
  • Shellfish massage?
  • Perfect place
  • “Modern Family,” e.g.
  • Good name for a budget shellfish dealer?
  • “Catch you later”
  • Traditional knowledge
  • Rate for records, briefly
  • High spirits
  • Hit the big time
  • Like one who exchanges texts with a shellfish?
  • One of an infant’s pair
  • Sore application
  • City adjoining Champaign, Illinois
  • Began, as a co.
  • Fourth bk. of the Jewish Torah
  • U.S. IOUs
  • Relative of -ity
  • Fast sports cars
  • With intensity
  • Dinner menu item
  • Merchant’s assurance during a sale
  • Carried
  • They’re charged
  • Land parcel size
  • Bag with a strap
  • Bollywood costumery
  • Modeling, say
  • They’re not with you
  • Uniform education org.?
  • Bardot was on its cover at age 14
  • Golfing pres.
  • Lea grazer
  • __ admiral
  • “Don’t delay!” letters
  • Taking parts of
  • Early initials in American cars
  • Certain limb
  • News agcy. since 1958
  • __City: computer game
  • In __: actual
  • YouTube star __ Marie Johnson
  • Honda FourTrax, e.g.: Abbr.
  • Very active port?
  • Genesis pronoun
  • Baldwin of “30 Rock”
  • Closed
  • Vet’s concern, perhaps
  • Like many hobby shop mat boards
  • Surfing equipment
  • Hint
  • Dior design
  • Some big box stores
  • Neuters
  • Canadian Thanksgiving mo.
  • Well-used
  • Vagrant
  • “Dang!”
  • Objection
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