Washington Post February 22 2020 Crossword Answers

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Washington Post Crossword Answers February 22 2020

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  • Rubber-stamped item?
  • Rose’s record 14,053
  • Dessert for one, maybe
  • Cotton farm threat
  • Handlers for a mixologist
  • Joey of *NSYNC
  • Liquid meas.
  • Mythical mount that flies
  • ’90s sitcom “__ and Stacey”
  • Maintained
  • Invalid
  • Steep projection
  • Shocker on a cop’s belt
  • High words
  • “All done!”
  • Light lunch choices
  • Pinkish nail polish shade
  • Buddies, in slang
  • “That could work”
  • Sheets, e.g.
  • Score half
  • Stadium souvenirs
  • Some are random and kind
  • Alone, in a way
  • Maui, for one
  • “Told ya!”
  • Hillary aides
  • Springfield small business owner
  • Taste test need
  • Sun spot?
  • Major course
  • Team on a football field
  • About 25% of California
  • Sent revealing messages
  • “Maybe”
  • City for which a creed is named
  • Solemn sounds
  • Date center
  • Each
  • It goes with wine
  • Really bad
  • Hot spots?
  • Get in the pool
  • Sellers of some beauty products
  • Problems for ones making notes?
  • Heavy hitter
  • Starbucks holiday drink
  • Many an Arab News reader
  • Capsule for a nap
  • Allocates
  • Flatbread similar to naan
  • Showed over
  • According to the poet’s oldest son, it was written “by a window looking down a wooded hill”
  • Shoot the breeze
  • Unite
  • What’s inside
  • “Impressive!”
  • Sweeties
  • Went the distance
  • Where a lot of money is made
  • Top
  • Appeared
  • One might be fit for a king
  • Litigant
  • Bass and such
  • Call at a base
  • Hurdle for srs.
  • Dog in the Reagan White House
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