Washington Post February 27 2021 Crossword Answers

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Washington Post Crossword Answers February 27 2021

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  • From __: faintly
  • Demanding quality
  • Yamaha’s Grizzly and Kodiak, briefly
  • Francis used a Jeep Wrangler as one in 2015
  • Creep up on
  • Distortion for a cause
  • “Santa Claus and His Works” artist, 1866
  • Cloud-based access provider?
  • Silver Spring, Md., is part of it
  • Places to learn perspective
  • “Given what we know … “
  • Likely to carry
  • Sanctions
  • Its co-founder said, “I do get disappointed that so many members spend so much time solving puzzles”
  • French toast word
  • Dandy
  • Irregular, as a job
  • Most provocative
  • Unsettle
  • Backpacker’s chain
  • Bucks
  • Proven├žal sauce
  • Often eponymous period
  • Engage
  • Feign interest in
  • Pick-up artists?
  • Dish from Valencian for “frying pan”
  • To whom Brando said, “I coulda been a contender”
  • Longtime morning host
  • One of several coming out together
  • Fix, in a way
  • Arch supports
  • Clip
  • Gets in the game
  • Sprawling
  • Cell lineup
  • Stronghold
  • Per
  • Wins again
  • Writer’s resource
  • Bridge beams
  • Negroni need
  • Worn out
  • Screen displays
  • Year’s record
  • Emotional oxymoron
  • Pottery wheel product
  • Mex. title
  • Like Amazonian society
  • Some WWII message transmitters
  • Certain horse race
  • Tweaks
  • It may lead to un matrimonio
  • Ritual Jewish feast
  • The Mahabharata, e.g.
  • Billabong Zoo resident
  • Sail-extending pole
  • Red Baron attire, Snoopy-style
  • Carrier to Malta
  • 1994 sci-fi memoir
  • Derby dads
  • Thrill
  • Cosmetic counter name
  • Make ready
  • Musical with the song “Another Pyramid”
  • Bash
  • Seine summers
  • Catch one’s breath
  • Overnight spot
  • March Madness network
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