Washington Post January 20 2021 Crossword Answers

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Washington Post Crossword Answers January 20 2021

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  • Guthrie’s “Today” co-host
  • Apple tablet
  • Easily bruised Cajun veggie
  • Collectively
  • Possessive shout
  • Currency with Khomeini’s picture
  • “Same here!”
  • Greek salad ingredient
  • Out of sight
  • It takes getting used to
  • Note dispenser
  • Large tea dispenser
  • Geese cries
  • Native American leaders
  • Put a cap on
  • One of its first customers was a collector of broken laser pointers
  • IRS forms expert
  • Just slightly
  • Brown ermine
  • Born and __
  • Theater backdrop
  • High time?
  • “Shrek” princess
  • Exuberant compliment
  • Some blue jeans
  • Sea-__ Airport
  • Observe
  • Morning news deliverers … or based on a hidden word in each, what 20-, 27- and 43-Across are?
  • Late notice?
  • “The __ Report”: 1976 bestseller
  • Bangkok natives
  • Ticket stub abbr.
  • Meadow mamas
  • Fires off
  • Programmer’s alternative to “if”
  • Yom Kippur ritual
  • Heavy homework amount
  • Most common surname in Korea
  • Half of snake eyes
  • Ryokan floor cover
  • Political alliance
  • “Everything’s OK”
  • Berth place
  • Initial poker payment
  • Tie on a track
  • Instruments with stops
  • Key-cutting site
  • Raging YouTube posts
  • Sheltered from the wind
  • Plumlike Asian fruit
  • GoDaddy purchase
  • Boris Johnson, e.g.
  • Book with insets
  • Clich├ęd
  • Auction action
  • Africa’s Sierra __
  • Trade name letters
  • Flaky bakery product
  • Tubular pasta
  • “Opposites attract,” e.g.
  • Kitchen bigwig-in-waiting
  • A.L.’s Blue Jays
  • Show __
  • Black, in Biarritz
  • Rhinestone surfaces
  • __ Nicole Brown of “Community”
  • Taking a breather
  • Monet’s May
  • Record company imprint
  • Heroic tales
  • Sit for a portrait
  • Bygone audio brand
  • 66 and others: Abbr.
  • Flightless bird of the pampas
  • Altar affirmation
  • Phishing target, briefly
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