Washington Post January 7 2020 Crossword Answers

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Washington Post Crossword Answers January 7 2020

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  • Indian music style
  • French “to be”
  • Goldman __: investment banking giant
  • Go with the __
  • Thieves’ hideout
  • Thief
  • Not be serious
  • Like the accent in passé
  • French monarch
  • Hockey score
  • Cold War mil. program
  • “Answer with the first thing that comes to mind” exercise
  • Golfer Michelle
  • “I’ve seen better”
  • Playground equipment
  • Quaint lodging
  • Passé
  • World’s largest lizards
  • “Peer Gynt Suite” dancer
  • “Mangia!”
  • Wine city north of Lisbon
  • CEO’s degree
  • Wallet single
  • ’70s Chilean president
  • Ed.’s backlog
  • Actress Russo
  • World Cup cheer
  • Funny Cheri
  • Nutty ice cream parlor order … and a hint to each set of circled letters
  • Seasonal mall temp
  • “Omigosh!”
  • Loitering, say
  • German steel city
  • Some pipe joints
  • Utopia
  • D.C. United’s former stadium
  • “Green Book” Oscar winner Mahershala
  • Neptune or Pluto
  • Palme d’Or, e.g.
  • Kid-lit girl who lives on the “tippy-top floor” of the Plaza Hotel
  • Cross-shaped Greek letter
  • Second Beatle on the “Abbey Road” cover
  • Ambulance patient’s MD
  • Scoundrel
  • Fly ball’s path
  • “My __ Vinny”: 1992 comedy
  • Show-off
  • Wound yarn units
  • Travel aimlessly
  • “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” host Tyler
  • 1914-’18 conflict, briefly
  • Farm grunt
  • Nevada casino city
  • Photo session
  • Latin jazz great Puente
  • Pres. or P.M.
  • Pulitzer category
  • Sportscaster Albert
  • Toronto native
  • LED component
  • Hard-to-miss sign
  • Beach pailful
  • Summer shirt
  • Be absorbed gradually
  • Farfalle and fusilli
  • Acting twins Mary-Kate and Ashley
  • Cambridge chaps
  • Treaty partner
  • Sandwich shop specification
  • Lubricate again
  • Like “Stranger Things”
  • Numbered hwy.
  • Lowest-ranking NCO
  • Roulette bet
  • Brewpub pour
  • Thieves’ hideout
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