Washington Post July 20 2019 Crossword Answers

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Washington Post Crossword Answers July 20 2019

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  • Title toon toy-fixer with a magic stethoscope
  • Short-distance fliers
  • Philosophical consoling words
  • __ hall
  • Tony-winning 2017 play about international diplomacy
  • Lead-in for time or point
  • Diamonds, in slang
  • Texas art patron __ Hogg
  • C or P, on a diamond
  • Lab workers
  • It means nothing in Paris
  • Jolie 2010 title role
  • Pakistani prime minister __ Khan
  • Lock expert?
  • “Cool beans!”
  • Prefix with grace
  • Valletta’s island
  • Journals
  • “Little Miss Sunshine” Oscar winner
  • Runner on runners
  • Jewish youth org.
  • Monopoly figures
  • __ hug
  • Letters associated with a lion
  • German grandpa
  • Lose focus, with “out”
  • Rested
  • Female in WWII
  • Track star?
  • Action movie cry
  • Audio feedback?
  • Moves in for a short time?
  • Special __
  • One on top of an org chart
  • 1983 comedy about a stay-at-home dad
  • Salad choice
  • Flower pot holder
  • State enforcement group
  • Prosperous times
  • Lab annoyances
  • Securely
  • Advised of
  • Friend of Dory
  • Abbr. aptly found in “compasses”
  • Done in fragments
  • Penned works
  • “Wrong!”
  • Not in fragments
  • Not at all popular
  • “In a perfect world … “
  • Long look
  • Omniscient
  • “That’s not worth getting riled up over”
  • Carry on, as business
  • Unction
  • Reduce to bits
  • Norse war god
  • Granada gal pals
  • Uncle Miltie of early TV
  • Annoyances in clouds
  • Ardor
  • Quadri- doubled
  • Grounding rule, perhaps
  • Inclined to fight
  • Homer stat
  • Many a “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” character: Abbr.
  • River in Mexico
  • Long or short unit
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