Washington Post June 17 2019 Crossword Answers

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Washington Post Crossword Answers June 17 2019

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  • Number-picking bar game
  • Story on a stand
  • Smear (on)
  • ’70s embargo gp.
  • Family car
  • Teen’s skin woe
  • *Home of the NFL’s Saints
  • Cry hard
  • Blue Cross rival
  • URL letters
  • Cartoon frame
  • *Dentist’s “laughing gas”
  • Showy houseplant
  • Mideast’s Dead __
  • Scent
  • L.A. commuter org.
  • Cause increasing bitterness
  • Darth, as a youth
  • “Keep out!” sign … or, in three parts, each answer to a starred clue
  • ’90s Indian prime minister
  • Sought election to
  • “Gotcha!”
  • Architect Saarinen
  • Yak it up
  • Insect colony with a queen
  • *Admiral, e.g.
  • Sch. with a Providence campus
  • Christmas season
  • Gymnast Comaneci
  • Very serious, as straits
  • *Slipping into slumberland
  • Shifting choice
  • Take as one’s own
  • “What __ is new?”
  • She, in Sevilla
  • Accounting giant __ & Young
  • Put in a hold
  • Hawaiian coffee region
  • Fencing weapon
  • Small salamander
  • Former justice Sandra Day __
  • Syst. for the hearing-impaired
  • Big name in jeans
  • Montana neighbor
  • Language of southern Africa
  • MIT and Brookings
  • Little bit of gel
  • Giraffes eat its leaves
  • Not married
  • Beauty at a ball
  • Reason for a ball game delay
  • Giants catcher Buster __
  • Island whose eastern half is a sovereign state
  • Interest percent
  • Ballot markings
  • Dull-sounding pig
  • “Show Boat” novelist Ferber
  • Spreading like crazy online
  • Santa __ winds
  • Old Marseille money
  • Rabbits have big ones
  • Rummage (around)
  • In a gallant manner
  • Asian takeout option
  • U.S. regulating org. with a wing in its logo
  • Infuriates
  • Nashville’s st.
  • Gentle push
  • Cartoon mermaid
  • Part of a pound
  • It may be tiled or carpeted
  • Made a meal of
  • Nincompoop
  • “In that case … “
  • Some
  • Horse and buggy __
  • Two-outs-in-a-single-AB stats
  • Hairy Addams cousin
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