Washington Post October 1 2020 Crossword Answers

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Washington Post Crossword Answers October 1 2020

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  • Old storyteller
  • __ value
  • Worthless stuff
  • Eager
  • Muslim community leader
  • Time of one’s life
  • Pops
  • Female bighorn
  • Ensign __ Crusher, Wil Wheaton’s “Star Trek: TNG” role
  • Tasteless gruel
  • Trio from Don Giovanni?
  • Flow slowly
  • Manage, with “out”
  • Parachute attachment
  • Like “it,” grammatically
  • Pops
  • Note from the office
  • Buddy
  • Mild Dutch cheese
  • Pops
  • Hardened
  • Replace on the schedule
  • Poetic contraction
  • Christmas pudding fruit
  • Take in the groceries?
  • Seal-hunting swimmer
  • Protective charm
  • 46-Down work
  • Pops
  • Mound
  • Great start?
  • Ceremonial grandeur
  • Changed course, nautically
  • Worshipped image
  • Long shot, in hoops lingo
  • Sheep herder in a 1995 Best Picture nominee
  • Swear
  • Come to the surface
  • EPA-banned insecticide
  • Skillful handling
  • 8th-century B.C. Hebrew prophet
  • Western burger franchise __ Jr.
  • Bob Hope, often, for the Oscars ceremony
  • Turn red, say
  • Supreme singer?
  • Current source
  • One of four on a par-4
  • Metal-cutting machine
  • Proprietor
  • Nocturnal scavenger
  • Represent in cipher
  • Part of rpm
  • “That’s the guy!”
  • First-rate player
  • Sleep cycle
  • Drains of power
  • Early online forum
  • Fellow
  • Spot on a screen
  • Hydroelectric power source
  • Sound system equipment
  • Came upon
  • Mountain in the Tour de France route
  • Subject of the biopic “I’m Not There”
  • Guided by a statement of faith
  • “The Poetry of earth is never dead” poet
  • Short and solid
  • Albania’s capital
  • Mortgage provision
  • Taste sensation
  • Subtle, as a shade
  • Willing partner
  • Toy company with theme parks
  • Reminder to take out the trash?
  • British title
  • Best Game, e.g.
  • Passé
  • Get off the fence
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