Washington Post October 26 2020 Crossword Answers

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Washington Post Crossword Answers October 26 2020

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  • June honorees
  • Hissed “Hey!”
  • Tool for curved cutting
  • Devoured, say
  • State bordering Lake Erie
  • Dress like a justice
  • Astral-shaped wildflower of the American West
  • Whatsit
  • Really impressive, in slang
  • Asking for a saucer of milk, maybe
  • Soft fly ball
  • Utmost degree
  • Helpful hint
  • Veer off course
  • Business sector involving merchandise
  • Performing in person
  • Walking on water, as Jesus did
  • Take for granted
  • Speak under one’s breath
  • Heated dispute
  • Clark’s coworker
  • Lionel products
  • Koothrappali on “The Big Bang Theory”
  • “Undoubtedly”
  • Key next to the space bar
  • New Zealand native
  • Cite for speeding
  • Advise of danger
  • “Love” concoction
  • Backpacker’s snack, and a hint to the circled letters
  • First in a playoff series
  • Biology lab gel
  • Genesis fruit eater
  • House speaker Nancy
  • Ritual flammable pile
  • Checkers color
  • Elapse, as time
  • Number one Hun
  • Underwater herbivore
  • D.C. insider
  • Wedge-shaped leveling piece
  • End of Jane or June?
  • RAV4 automaker
  • “Star Wars” warrior
  • A party to
  • Pirate’s rum drink
  • Nursery buy
  • Lawyer’s org.
  • Exchange marriage vows
  • Old MGM rival
  • Sudden fancy
  • Kind of scream
  • Diplomacy
  • Not scheduled to play, as a pro team
  • Look intently (at)
  • Three-time Wimbledon winner Chris
  • Spanish citrus fruit
  • Obvious observation
  • Stinkers
  • Garage job
  • Football rival of Navy
  • A tree helps it keep its shape
  • Soap bubbles
  • Obnoxious tyke
  • Arrangement of church services
  • Brewpub fixture
  • Aimless sort
  • Hit the big time
  • Brought bad luck to
  • Hole-making tool
  • Skid row denizen
  • Some reddish deer
  • Crucifix letters
  • Jack who preceded Carson on late-night TV
  • Burst
  • Reveal, in verse
  • Business card abbr.
  • Embitterment
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