Washington Post October 27 2020 Crossword Answers

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Washington Post Crossword Answers October 27 2020

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  • Analyze grammatically
  • Comic Silverman
  • Atlanta-to-Miami dir.
  • At full speed
  • Actress De La Garza
  • “Buffy” airer after The WB
  • Breakfast dish that sounds spoiled?
  • Part of LGBTQ
  • Ashtabula’s lake
  • Fruity drinks
  • Master, in Swahili
  • Earthquakes
  • Cold one at a bar
  • Snack cake brand named for a four-year-old
  • Split up
  • Aired again
  • Immigrants’ subj.
  • Gunk
  • Helen who sang “I Am Woman”
  • In good health
  • Post-apartheid ruling party: Abbr.
  • With “en,” hot, in sports slang
  • Spoils, with “on”
  • Two-level bus
  • __ center: exact middle
  • Unaffiliated film studios
  • Artist’s flat hat
  • Poker Flat chronicler Harte
  • __-dieu: kneeler
  • Antipollution org.
  • Postpone an article’s essential points … and a hint to 17-, 27- and 44-Across
  • Ready-fire link
  • Correct, as text
  • Like Olympic pools
  • __ Victor: record label
  • Broad valleys
  • Mike who voiced Shrek
  • Treasure map word
  • Love, in Rome
  • Pie cuts, geometrically
  • Lateral skid
  • Big picture?: Abbr.
  • Anti-DWI gp.
  • On the safer side, at sea
  • Cleaning cloths
  • Oscar winner Lee
  • Washed-up star
  • Sucrose-rich root veggie
  • Bridge
  • Irish New Ager
  • Steinbeck’s “__ of Eden”
  • World Wide __
  • Sch. near Harvard
  • Time for cake with candles, informally
  • Cornered on a limb
  • Flowerpot spot
  • MD meeting an ambulance
  • “Cast Away” setting
  • Building additions
  • “Good grief!”
  • It’s forbidden
  • Semifictional film genre
  • Felt bad about
  • 2006 film about crosswords
  • Open-bodied truck
  • Animal house
  • Buzzing flier
  • Friends and neighbors
  • “Flashdance…What a Feeling” singer Cara
  • Down-yielding duck
  • Plants-to-be
  • Den denizen
  • “Beowulf,” e.g.
  • Belgian composer Jacques
  • Hall of Famer Sandberg
  • Approx. takeoff hours
  • Actress Thurman
  • “Slippery” tree
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