Washington Post October 29 2020 Crossword Answers

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Washington Post Crossword Answers October 29 2020

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  • “__ Come Undone”: Wally Lamb novel
  • They’re on the house
  • Sty fare
  • Guinness logo
  • Extra rival
  • Info on a blood donor card
  • Anger at progress?
  • Writer Blyton
  • See 56-Down
  • Tops
  • Move laterally
  • Human being, for one
  • Embezzlements?
  • Did not participate
  • All-star game side
  • Rank above maj.
  • Place for a mineral scrub
  • U.N. workers’ rights gp.
  • __ chi
  • Amman native
  • National Storytelling Festival VIP
  • Bills’ places?
  • Flora and fauna of different regions
  • Prepares, as leftovers
  • Some colas
  • “Groovy!”
  • National gemstone of Australia
  • EMT assignment?
  • Apply with a tube, as frosting
  • Down source
  • Curved molding
  • Whole bunch
  • Chic, to a Brit
  • Challenge for the cleaning staff
  • They might be icebreakers
  • Asian capital on the Red River
  • Flubbed a play
  • Drew attention to
  • Buffalo Bill Museum city
  • Two-time Art Ross Trophy winner Bobby
  • Deg. offered at Duke’s Fuqua School
  • Pua of “Moana,” e.g.
  • Cooks in a bamboo basket
  • Metal marble
  • Forest cat
  • Ryan Hurst’s “Sons of Anarchy” role
  • Sidewalk traffic, for short
  • Sports venues
  • Fox foot
  • Mosque tower
  • Drink suffix
  • Docs
  • Sample
  • Cracker topper
  • Old Testament twin
  • Recipe verb
  • Dark purple berry
  • First word of two Springsteen album titles
  • Balkan native
  • Salmon cured in brine
  • Like some city streets
  • “Cool Runnings” vehicle
  • Court org.
  • Russia, until 1917
  • Son of a son
  • Guarantee, as a loan
  • Nice red
  • Silences with a button
  • Lid woes
  • Bursts
  • With 20-Across, Homer’s medium
  • Dad
  • Glenn of The Eagles
  • New prefix
  • Bush in Florida
  • Port letters
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