Washington Post October 31 2020 Crossword Answers

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Washington Post Crossword Answers October 31 2020

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  • One of the alkali metals
  • Enjoy a meal, with “down”
  • Lacking taste, say
  • Yul’s “Solomon and Sheba” co-star
  • Where fajitas may be seen
  • Senior suffix
  • Ability
  • Breaks down
  • Big extinct bird
  • “Frozen” snowman
  • Chem lab substance
  • Casino option
  • Exercise apparel
  • Out of control
  • Increase
  • Fungal rye disease
  • Wheel part
  • Attack, as with questions
  • Org. monitoring gas prices
  • Pram occupant’s diaper
  • __ lily: Utah state flower
  • W.E.B. Du Bois’ Tennessee alma mater
  • Looks of contempt
  • Maker of Contadina products
  • Shakespeare’s fairy queen
  • Evening in Paris
  • Dedicatory lines
  • Wings with rooms
  • __ fog
  • Outer layer
  • 1963 Johnny Thunder hit
  • Footwear for the stealthy, maybe
  • “Where’s everyone else?”
  • Originate
  • Like some eggs
  • With 31-Down, finalizes, in publishing
  • Short race
  • Approach the gate, perhaps
  • Wrestling maneuver
  • Blanche’s sister, in a Williams play
  • Number before Number?
  • Belief suffix
  • Pickup cousins, briefly
  • Inconsequential
  • Movie SFX
  • Request before reaching 21?
  • Savory baked bread
  • Hung in the balance
  • Dice, e.g.
  • Shortened a log
  • Ship that encountered Sirens
  • Rural spreads
  • Switz. neighbor
  • Campaigns rurally
  • “That was so stupid of me!”
  • Skills
  • See 1-Down
  • Pay
  • Talking Heads lead singer David
  • Cone-like candy
  • Little veggie
  • Patti Austin album dedicated to a legendary jazz vocalist
  • Frivolous
  • Piercing locale, perhaps
  • Disinterested
  • Whiskey __
  • Palindromic time
  • Grammy honoree
  • Duel tool
  • Mil. decoration
  • With “fix,” it describes itself
  • Land’s end?
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