Washington Post September 19 2020 Crossword Answers

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Washington Post Crossword Answers September 19 2020

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  • On the move
  • At least four yrs. old, for cognac
  • TV series for 17 seasons
  • Like much of the first movement of the “Moonlight” Sonata
  • Bit of ceramic cookware
  • Cold complication
  • Goes to court?
  • What Kim might call Khloé
  • Weather report word
  • Trick users, in a way
  • Texter’s signoff
  • Most roguish
  • Brit’s Bordeaux
  • Menace, feline-style
  • Duel purpose?
  • Rain gear preservers
  • Latin lamb
  • Per ssa.gov, baby name that’s far more popular when “a” is added to it
  • Airy spaces
  • Having two equal-length legs
  • French darling
  • Like many renewals
  • Expressed disapproval of
  • Road hog?
  • French wood
  • Humor, e.g.
  • Cantina breakfast component
  • Old gum mach. inserts
  • Not pizzicato
  • Hot flower
  • Spa offering
  • Objection to hustling
  • Being of old Rome
  • “__ yes!”
  • Tsukiji Market fish offerings
  • Some PD calls
  • “Hey” assistant
  • Sangre de Cristo Mountains resort
  • Comfort, e.g.
  • Shaky measurement standard?
  • Churchill trademark
  • Jedi nemesis
  • They may be intentional
  • Bldgs. with boxes
  • “Listen up!”
  • Sheltered from the outside world
  • Response to a beating
  • Dress uniform part
  • Loose-fitting dress
  • Green ice cream tidbit
  • Male opera character played by a female performer
  • Amphibious WWII craft
  • Masala-flavored drink
  • Mill input
  • Travel delays, say
  • Certain cell contents
  • Hypes
  • Word on an Irish euro
  • Spoken
  • “Maid of Athens, __ we part … “: Byron
  • Charge to get in
  • Toast portion
  • January’s “Mad Men” character
  • Hang open
  • It’s usually longer than a radius
  • Four-time Oscar-winning lyricist
  • Rating for a show with lots of oaths
  • MS enclosures
  • When Michelangelo began “David”
  • Sch. on Shaq’s résumé
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