Washington Post September 9 2020 Crossword Answers

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Washington Post Crossword Answers September 9 2020

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  • “The Grapes of Wrath” family name
  • Pay attention to
  • Havana houses
  • Court legend Arthur
  • On the ocean
  • Pixel pattern
  • *Feature of Santa Claus’ beard
  • Kind of wave
  • Colorful birds
  • Woodworking tool
  • Arouse
  • Enjoys now and then, with “in”
  • __ hand
  • Skater’s surface
  • Auditioner’s aim
  • Santa __: dry winds
  • Chess pieces
  • Peaks
  • Polite address
  • *Out-of-control guy
  • Primitive dwelling
  • Bothers quite a bit
  • Tiny ammo
  • Rocky Road holder
  • Italian peak
  • Holiday veggie
  • Bridle strap
  • Many map lines
  • Genre for the Village People
  • Lipstick container
  • Custard-filled pastries
  • Challenging tests
  • Roughhousing, or a hint to both parts of the answers to starred clues
  • Permissible
  • Roused
  • Roof overhang
  • Signed
  • Church recess
  • Sometimes seedy loaves
  • Word with bone or breaker
  • __Kosh B’gosh
  • Tuna type
  • Routes that contain the letters in “routes”
  • Half a food fish
  • Golfer Aoki
  • Actor __ Patrick Harris
  • Took a risk
  • Op. __: footnote abbr.
  • Friendly
  • *Bobbysoxer’s footwear
  • Staring intently
  • Monica of tennis
  • Bard’s “before”
  • Cutting talk
  • Temporary stage
  • Ancient Greek region
  • *Football field director
  • Partner of raised, in bios
  • Copy
  • Cartoon frame
  • Finish no later than
  • Long, loose top
  • Courtroom staple, for short
  • Ebb
  • Corp. VP’s degree
  • Metal marble
  • Lettuce keeper
  • Grey Goose rival
  • Shroud city
  • The “u” sound in “census”
  • “__ Day”: 1993 rap hit
  • Circuit
  • Slow-moving boats
  • “Now it’s clear”
  • Normal: Abbr.
  • Put down
  • Hail, to Hadrian
  • Cry of success
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