Washington Post July 11 2020 Crossword Answers

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Washington Post Crossword Answers July 11 2020

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  • Author Allende
  • Counter proposals?
  • Still ahead
  • 2003 disaster movie about a mission to Earth’s center
  • Disneyland’s Golden Horseshoe is one
  • Mr. Rogers catchword
  • Car loan figs.
  • Leaf pore
  • Tolkien being
  • Champagne with a diaeresis
  • Lion, say
  • Govt. securities
  • Handy program
  • Suggests to the palate
  • Join forces
  • Help a vacationing friend, maybe
  • Old news source
  • No WNBA players
  • Clam or lobster
  • Crunchy cantina fare
  • Became one company
  • Rockford’s home
  • Include in the mix
  • Court rival of Roger
  • Iraq War danger: Abbr.
  • Hub near de Gaulle
  • Broadway’s Burrows
  • Crystal-lined rock
  • Chesapeake delicacy
  • Pull out all the stops
  • Perspicacious
  • Prince of Darkness
  • Midday nap
  • Trips taken mostly in the dark
  • Leash
  • Tinder notice
  • Show labeled for its early sponsors
  • Fix for an injured knee
  • Increase
  • Broody rock genre
  • Blank photo cause
  • Couple of People
  • Massage technique
  • Race stage
  • Hamburger beef?
  • Prize founder
  • Like some humor
  • Russia’s Alexander II emancipated them in 1861
  • Disclaimer for sounds-absurd-but-it’s-real news content
  • Many Ph.D. candidates
  • Supervisors
  • Lead-in to bad news
  • Symbol of slowness
  • Ages and ages
  • Press and such
  • Consequence of too much sweetness?
  • Refreshing coffeehouse order
  • Focus of a former Florida museum that featured a Hug Club
  • 2006 Verizon acquisition
  • Expended
  • Region of long-frustrated peace efforts
  • Its Jan. 2018 additions include “hangry” and “mansplain”
  • Abandoned party
  • Where the stars are
  • Rank
  • G7, before Russia’s suspension
  • Farm girls
  • La Liga cheer
  • Yorkie’s group designation
  • “Sprechen __ Deutsch?”
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