Washington Post June 15 2021 Crossword Answers

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Washington Post Crossword Answers June 15 2021

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  • Golf contemporary of Jack and Gary
  • Diner order, briefly
  • Hullabaloo
  • Omelet maker’s tool
  • Slangy “Agreed”
  • Soda container
  • One who locks up
  • Drive-__: outdoor movies
  • Important time
  • Try to attract
  • Chop finely
  • Phrase used at a remembrance service
  • Lampoons
  • Legal degs.
  • Chimp kin
  • Can. neighbor
  • Org. that issues drug recalls
  • Resort website section that includes a pool and fitness center
  • N. or S. state
  • Gershwin brother
  • Vermouth name
  • Inventor Rubik
  • Adriatic country
  • Area to reclaim misplaced stuff
  • Indian, for one
  • Archery skill
  • Lacking color
  • Had some lunch, say
  • Existential passion
  • “The Simpsons” neighbor Flanders
  • Elevator name
  • Places to perch
  • Pig’s digs
  • Spider’s trap
  • “Who cares?”
  • Proficient
  • Stern, at sea
  • Mars rover org.
  • ’20s-’40s slugger Mel
  • “__ It Be”: Beatles
  • Nod off
  • Actress Arthur
  • Loo
  • Generic crime syndicate
  • Killing it on the test
  • Word after break or belly
  • First occurrence
  • “That’s painful!”
  • Homesites
  • Treasury Dept. org.
  • Dryer trap fuzz
  • Cogito-sum link
  • In addition
  • Eggy Spanish dessert
  • Word after “Going twice”
  • “Carmen” solo
  • Chore
  • Thurman in films
  • One of two bumped in friendship
  • __ Arnaz, Jr., coverchild on the first TV Guide
  • Europe neighbor
  • Fictional rafter Huck
  • J.Lo’s ex-partner
  • Pressing need?
  • Garden critter
  • Info at SFO
  • Needed to reorder
  • Bob or beehive
  • Grapevine transmissions
  • Sources of student interest?
  • Eightsome
  • Somewhat disreputable
  • Dieter’s concern
  • Coin-in-a-fountain thought
  • Mennen lotion
  • Bird’s home
  • Colorado native
  • Bro or sis
  • Milne hopper
  • __-impact aerobics
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