Washington Post March 5 2021 Crossword Answers

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Washington Post Crossword Answers March 5 2021

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  • “Born From Jets” automaker
  • Fiscal exec
  • Sign of danger
  • Like letters in an outbox
  • Transport again
  • Connecticut home of the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament
  • Nobody special
  • One may reveal a secret
  • Inconsistent
  • Pro Bowl side: Abbr.
  • Past regulation, briefly
  • Land in the ocean
  • Cal Poly setting, initially
  • Morlock prey
  • Area 51 figures, supposedly
  • Way to earn interest?
  • Recipe amts.
  • “1984” superstate
  • Find
  • Lab tubes
  • Comparable things
  • “Black Narcissus” figures
  • Word on mail from Toledo, maybe
  • Abate
  • Just the best
  • __ thai
  • Mystery novelist Paretsky
  • Sine qua non
  • One often chosen for lightness
  • Arced woodshop tools
  • Mex. title
  • Hercule’s creator
  • “Join us for lunch?” regrets
  • Put back in the fridge
  • Hair problem, and what three short puzzle answers each has
  • Drafted
  • Many a quote, for short
  • “South Park” co-creator Parker
  • Temaki or futomaki
  • San __: Texas city nickname
  • Explosive mixture
  • “Kapow!”
  • Thicken, as cream
  • Martha’s Vineyard arrivals
  • Most unexpected
  • Slow up
  • Counting word
  • “Sure!”
  • Internet recovery program
  • Flee in fear
  • Utility abbr.
  • Possibles
  • As a bonus
  • Came to
  • Applies carelessly
  • Puerile retort
  • Artful dodge
  • Prof.’s aides
  • Fielder’s strong throw
  • PC brain
  • SoCal ball club, on scoreboards
  • Short report
  • Turtle shell, e.g.
  • Letter closer
  • Curry and Antetokounmpo, recently
  • Sear and simmer
  • Vex
  • Cool
  • Resell to desperate fans, maybe
  • Fine partner
  • Shortening, maybe
  • French cabbage
  • Hide
  • Roman numeral?
  • Garage service
  • ABA member
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