Washington Post March 6 2021 Crossword Answers

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Washington Post Crossword Answers March 6 2021

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  • Arrest
  • Dwarf planet named for a goddess
  • Places to relax
  • Prefix meaning “personal”
  • Caribbean isle seriously damaged by a 1995 volcanic eruption
  • Threshold adjoiner
  • Law enforcement tool that may be triggered by a siren
  • Natural healer
  • First-class freebie on long-haul flights
  • 1959 winner of 11 Oscars
  • Alfred of coffee fame
  • Mollycoddle
  • Jocular headlock accompaniment
  • Yani __, youngest golfer to win five majors
  • Trendy
  • Head makeup
  • Loose
  • Some holy city dwellers
  • They go with guys
  • Ithaca opening
  • Pirogue, e.g.
  • Campaign buy
  • Reply card, say
  • Viral internet item
  • NFL highlight reel clip
  • Barista’s concoction
  • Get in the game
  • Reference for budding meteorologists
  • Acid __
  • Sara Pennypacker kid-lit heroine
  • Capone capturers
  • Evening stroll
  • Stone massage sites
  • Class with poses
  • Muslim veil
  • Allan-__: Robin Hood cohort
  • Citrus liqueur
  • “Truth is … “
  • Imprisons
  • Leeway
  • Thorough
  • Composer Jule
  • Reach ahead of
  • Private employer
  • Wisconsin-based bike brand
  • Spydom name
  • Actuarial datum, e.g.
  • Rocket __
  • Bob Jones Award org.
  • Parrot
  • Prime spot for stargazing?
  • Cuban city with a U.S. Navy base
  • SSN, e.g.
  • To be, in Latin
  • Harbor sights
  • Flip out
  • Mononymous supermodel
  • Jazz group guy
  • In the loop
  • Accessory with a suit
  • Artist Modigliani
  • Equilibria
  • Big name in apple products
  • “The Girl Who Played With Fire” author Larsson
  • Medicinal shrub
  • Cosmonaut’s insignia, once
  • Spaghetti __ puttanesca
  • Krystle and Alexis on the 1980s “Dynasty,” e.g.
  • Stew
  • Maui’s famously twisty Road to __
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