Washington Post September 11 2021 Crossword Answers

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Washington Post Crossword Answers September 11 2021

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  • Setting for smooth sailing
  • Aptly, it rhymes with “ahh”
  • Cease and desist order?
  • Stuffed oneself
  • Pursue romantically
  • Valuable metal
  • “NCIS: Los Angeles” actress
  • Court order?
  • Remove varnish from
  • NBC weekend fixture, briefly
  • Distinctive flair
  • Modern renewable fuel
  • Reverse order?
  • Assures the sad fate of
  • Easy throw
  • “Angie Tribeca” TV network
  • “Help me out, will ya?”
  • Facilitates
  • Bergen of “Murphy Brown”
  • Stay behind
  • Drunkard
  • Dubai’s fed.
  • Former Russian rulers
  • Money order?
  • Words said with an extended fork
  • Continent explored by Marco Polo
  • Talk on and on
  • Scalawag
  • Work order?
  • Shoe cushions
  • Abbr. used to save space
  • Not worth a __
  • Muzzle-loading gadgets
  • Gag order?
  • Kindle download
  • Chart-reading exam
  • Some recyclables
  • Going __: fighting
  • Shakespearean king with three daughters
  • Beach city near Hollywood
  • Restraining order?
  • Quite some time
  • Taiwan-born director Lee
  • River in a Stephen Foster song
  • Voting sites
  • Pioneering ISP
  • Wind up like a snake
  • Celestial bear
  • High-schooler, typically
  • Put another roll of film in
  • Incites to attack, with “on”
  • More than occasionally
  • Blots gently
  • Biblical garden
  • Warning
  • Scraps for Fido
  • President between Bush and Trump
  • Poppy product
  • Gambling mecca near Hong Kong
  • Catch some z’s
  • Cookie recipe yield
  • Bill for drinks
  • Bart Simpson’s sister
  • San Francisco’s __ Tower
  • Dance move
  • Postpone one’s bedtime
  • Pecking order?
  • Go along with
  • Online admin
  • Quite some time
  • “Family Guy” creator MacFarlane
  • Nagging desire
  • Sunburn reliever
  • Rx items
  • Sibilant summons
  • NATO founding member
  • Fury
  • “Aye? Not!”
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