Washington Post September 19 2021 Crossword Answers

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Washington Post Crossword Answers September 19 2021

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  • Most populous città in Italia
  • Vintage photo tone
  • Scheming
  • “Are you __ out?”
  • Tidies text
  • Scattered, as seeds
  • Ladled party drink
  • Vast landmass
  • Island near Maui
  • “__ a Lady”: Tom Jones hit
  • It blows things up
  • CPR pro
  • Cigarette brand featured on “Mad Men”
  • Ingredient in a Florentine dish
  • Ancient Aegean region
  • Notice
  • Crossword-solving Simpson
  • WWI pistol
  • Martial arts level
  • Happen next
  • Korean imports
  • “Hostel” director Roth
  • __ Bornes: card game
  • Being disrespectful to
  • Manhattan stage attraction
  • Cal. column
  • Oft-numbered rd.
  • Saltimbocca herb
  • Stationery brand
  • Indian music
  • Slimy pest in a flower bed
  • Heal, in a way
  • Fire remnant
  • New Age composer John
  • Not mad
  • Fixes the leaks in
  • Two-toned cookie
  • Rummages (through)
  • Parkway entrances
  • Canadian force member
  • Met melody
  • Fall mo.
  • Part of a college URL
  • Belarus city
  • In need of calamine lotion
  • Fire pit residue
  • N. American land
  • Bulletin board item
  • Hostess sponge cake
  • Painting the town red
  • Chef Jet __, frequent “Cutthroat Kitchen” judge
  • “All the same … “
  • Western sch. with NCAA Division I team championships in 20 sports
  • Hen-to-be
  • Post office assignments
  • Sci-fi/fantasy award
  • Slalom slider
  • Embarrass
  • West Yorkshire city
  • Morales of “The Brink”
  • Boards at the dock
  • Kurt Cobain’s group
  • Alabama Slammer ingredient
  • More diminutive
  • Not outsourced
  • WWII weapon
  • Enthusiastic
  • Pay
  • “Only __”: NPR sports program
  • __ maté: tealike beverage
  • About
  • Dined
  • St. with a former “Small Wonder” slogan
  • Stammering sounds
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