Washington Post September 28 2021 Crossword Answers

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Washington Post Crossword Answers September 28 2021

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  • Dishonor
  • Stored in a cask, say
  • Stick in the water
  • __ panel
  • Violet in a bed
  • Itsy-bitsy
  • Bronzed My Little Pony figurines?
  • Sport with electric weapons
  • Auto pioneer
  • Nota __
  • Golden Age TV star
  • Test subject with whiskers
  • Hawkers of thin cookies?
  • Give an address
  • Wobbly table stabilizer
  • Home run path
  • Seasoned seafarer
  • Renaissance immortal known as the “Father of the Scientific Method”
  • It might go for a buck
  • “__ arigato”: Japanese “thanks a lot”
  • Without a break
  • Balls for cats?
  • Celebrity socialite
  • Openly display
  • Noble gas
  • In the thick of
  • Took off
  • GNC offering, and a chemical hint to three long puzzle answers
  • Letters on a returned check
  • What drama queens do
  • Hall partner
  • Composer’s choice
  • 2018 awards event hosted by Danica Patrick
  • Sneak preview, say
  • Tennis great with three Grand Slam titles
  • Jazz Age toon
  • Wound application
  • They’re low-risk
  • “… __ the set of sun”: “Macbeth”
  • Landmark Manhattan theater
  • Marvin __
  • Holiday and Days
  • Surveillance org.
  • Floor hockey venue
  • Titlist?
  • Blue Cross rival
  • Trip odometer control
  • Colgate feature
  • Wanes
  • It may be loaded with books
  • Luke’s sister
  • Laundry unit
  • Misnomer for a modern golf driver
  • Name on the “Alice’s Restaurant” album
  • Gradually get tired
  • Paris Agreement subj.
  • Baldwin brother
  • Artist Magritte
  • Some UPS deliveries
  • Put one’s feet up
  • “More than I wanted to know”
  • Cochlear transplant site
  • Bad way to run
  • Sawyer’s pal
  • Kicks out
  • Surfer’s greeting
  • Confident way to solve crosswords
  • Compact
  • Mickey’s pal
  • For one
  • Aware of
  • Apple stalk
  • ExxonMobil trading name
  • Date
  • Brief interjections
  • Challenge for a stylist
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